Ok Go: "White Knuckles"


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The Animal Talent

Some of you might be interested in knowing a little more about each of the animals in the video, so here they are! 

We spent several weeks selecting the perfect combination of looks for this video, and of course picking dogs that would enjoy the high energy environment.  During the selection process, we put headshots up on the wall. At some point everyone started writing on post-it notes who they looked like, and giving them mock awards which I have included below.


Riot Poodle mix

5 years old

Her name sums up life with her. She is one of those animals who is always happy, always ready to try something new.  Truly a large high-energy dog in a small body. She loved all her behaviors in the video, but was perhaps most fond of perching on Damian's butt.

Voted: Best Kisser

Looks Like: Suzanne Somers

Spike Jack Russell

6 years old


A typical Jack Russell, Spike loves to leap and play.  He also thought the chairs in this video were great, and by about day five he had decided that he would just stay in the chair and be pushed everywhere.

Voted: Best High-Jumper

Looks like: Martin Short

Justice Belgian Malinois

10 years old

Often called “The Prince,” Justice is a little bit of a prima donna.  He is serious and stately and a little bit aloof, and expects everything to be done his way, but he is also extremely honest.  He learned all the parts of the video during early choreography and it was a challenge to pick just a few for him to do.

Voted: Best Actor in a Dramatic Role

Looks Like: Clint Eastwood

Sequel Border Collie

2 years old

Enough energy and intelligence to run a small country, by about halfway through rehearsals, Sequel had the whole routine memorized and wished all the people would get out of the way so he could do it all in 30 seconds. 

Voted: Best Improvisation

Looks Like: Brad Pitt

Zuni Husky mix

6 years old

We loved to hear Zuni excitedly say "woo, woo, woo" in anticipation of the fun ahead every morning.

Voted: Best Comeback

Looks like: Sean Connery

Kash Golden Retriever

2 years old

We picked Kash to knock over the stack of buckets because his nickname is "Krash". And, crash the buckets he did and loved it! Watch out for his budding dock-diving career in addition to acting and agility!

Voted: Best Stunt

Looks Like: Paul Newman

Bunny Pug mix

5 years old


When Damian first suggested we include his dog Bunny in the video, we were a little hesitant.  After all, she is not an experienced movie dog, and it would make us all nervous to be working his dog.  But we agreed to try her out, and she did great! 

Voted: Best Performance by a Tuber

Looks Like: Scooby-Doo


Shih Tzu

9 years old

Peanut is a little scientist under that amazing hair-do, and after she studied each behavior in the video she perfected her part. Many have theorized that she is part cat, due to her irregular sleeping hours, affinity for sunny spots on the floor, and habit of sleeping on odd things (coffee tables, the back of the sofa, bookshelves, etc.).

Voted: Best Hair

Looks Like: Andy Ross or Charo

TinTin Chihuahua mix

2 years old

TinTin originally belonged to a nice lady who wanted a quiet little lapdog.  Well, TinTin is little, but his energy level is not. His heart and mind are as big as his eyes.

Voted: Biggest Eyes

Looks Like: Yoda

Kobie Golden Retriever

9 years old

Kobie was a guide dog in training, when it was discovered that he had multiple food allergies and so he was removed from that program and came to live with Debbie. Kobie is also very accomplished in agility.

Voted: Best Commentary

Looks Like: Sir Ian McKellen

Jury Belgian Malinois

10 years old


Bigger and more imposing looking than his brother Justice, Jury is actually the goofy, lovey brother.  He thought the goat behind him in the video was hilarious!

Voted: Best Soundtrack

Looks Like: Evander Hollyfield

Ranger Nigerian Dwarf goat mix

2 years old

Ranger was given a lot of crap on set, mostly about how much crap he gave on set.  Other than his bathroom habits, the only challenge with Ranger was getting him to not walk nicely on leash.  He is supposed to look somewhat out of control when walking with Andy, but he tended to just walk nicely along with Andy waiting for a treat.

Voted: Best Producer

Looks Like: Lady Gaga

Dazzle Border Collie

5 years old


Dazzle was in the video near the end.  So for the first three minutes she would wait patiently in a crate behind camera. She was very happy to lie there with the door open in between takes, but as soon as she heard the word "action," she would start slowly creeping out of the crate so she would be ready when her turn came.  Whenever she heard "cut" she would return to the crate and start over.

Voted: Best Cameo

Looks Like: David Spade